Daniel Cliff:

I originally looked into Martial Arts for my oldest daughter back in 1999. I took her to Sifu John Ervin’s school downtown Cleveland for a trial class and thought it would be fun to try it out with her. I ended up loving it and have been training ever since!

I went on to win numerous National Championship tournaments from Kung Fu and Kickboxing, to Mixed Martial Arts. Throughout my years of training I’ve had so many opportunities to travel and I always remember Sifu Ervin saying “Join Kung Fu and see the world!” Now, that’s the truth! I’ve been all over the United States and Canada. I’ve traveled to China numerous times, Taiwan, and Europe representing Team U.S.A. all for World Championship Tournaments.

I began teaching Kung Fu in 2003 at Sifu Ervin’s downtown location. In the spring of 2011, with Sifu as my mentor, I searched all over the Cleveland area and found the perfect location right in the heart of Brooklyn, Ohio to start my own martial arts school.

Since opening our school, we have been training adults for self-defense and fitness, and working with the community to reach the local kids and families through Martial Arts.

Jessica Cliff:

Martial Arts has always been a part of my life, it started by me watching Texas Ranger and Kung Fu on the TV with my dad every week! One Christmas I remember getting a gift certificate for a month of Martial Arts classes at the local YWCA. Who knew at the time that I would someday open my own school! I stuck with it for years and trained all through middle school and high school. Martial Arts definitely had a positive impact on my life. It directly helped me with self-control, confidence, and self-defense among so much more.

Once I graduated college, I moved to the Cleveland area and met Daniel. It just so happened that Daniel trained Martial Arts, and just how dating goes…I started training again! I’ve been back training Martial Arts under Sifu John Ervin since 2005. I’ve been to numerous competitions throughout the U.S.A. and Canada and have even had the opportunity to represent Team U.S.A. at the Shuai Chiao World Championship Tournament in Rome, Italy in May of 2014.

We always say we are more than just a Martial Arts school. Each year we get more and more involved with the community and local schools. We offer outreach to families in need through our Car Wash that benefits the “Adopt-A-Book-Bag” program, we have a food drive each November, we are part of the local Chamber of Commerce and are involved with all of their events through volunteering, demos and donations. I could go on and on but why not just check it out for yourself?!

There are obviously benefits to owning your own Martial Arts school but the thing that I love the most is the reward of knowing that we are impacting youth and adults throughout the community in a positive way! In the short time that we’ve had our school I’ve had the opportunity to see kids grow up and adults transform their lives to better benefit themselves and their families.