Martial Arts Classes for Kids

karate classes for kids in Brooklyn Ohio

We at U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy West strive to build a community by helping children get in shape, be safe and at the same time instill the life skills and character of a true martial artist; while upholding important values like: courtesy, patience, respect, self-control and integrity. U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy West will also help students achieve self-discipline, high self-esteem, a positive outlook, and a spirit of constant improvement and an attitude that refuses to give up.

Our Childrens Martial Arts Program in Brooklyn is not just another fun after school sport. Your kids will learn personal development through a physical discipline. Our exciting, yet disciplined classes focus a child’s attention, thus improving his or her ability to learn. Learning builds a sense of accomplishment. With each new accomplishment a student’s self-confidence grows and confidence is the first step in the empowerment of an individual’s physical and mental abilities.

Once we begin to develop a student’s self-confidence, we are then able to instill the values of respect, courtesy, honesty, perseverance, and integrity that are the foundations of martial arts dating back thousands of years!

The combined physical and character foundations that U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy West develop helps children excel in their academic school studies, sports and social endeavors. It ensures that they will have the confidence in themselves and the character to make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure. They will be… Leaders not Followers!