Martial Arts Classes for Adults

Martial Arts Classes for AdultsMartial Arts is not a team sport. The only person you are competing with is “yourself”. Students come to us from all different ages. Some students are in shape, some are not. Some come for self-defense, fitness or for fun. Each person is treated equally and is trained to the best of their own ability and potential. A student is never compared to another. At U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy West our instructor is there to guide, instruct and motivate you to be the best that you can be, by using the art of Kung Fu.

How Will I Benefit Mentally?

  • Improved Concentration/Focus
  • Reduction in Stress
  • Increased Confidence
  • Higher Self-Esteem
  • Increased Control/Discipline

How Will I Benefit Physically?

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Coordination
  • Build and Tone Muscle
  • Develop Self Defense Skills
  • Increased Fitness Levels

The U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy West located in Brooklyn, offers classes for all of your different needs.

Shuai Chiao – An ancient Chinese wrestling style that utilizes strikes, disruptive hand techniques, kicks and joint locks in the context of takedown throws. This style of Martial Arts dates back over 3500 years to be the oldest recorded Martial Arts in history. Learn how to gain dominance and fight efficient in close quarters.

San Shou – Chinese San Shou or free fighting is a modern hand to hand self-defense system and combative sport. San Shou includes punches, kicks, throws, locks, grappling and submissions. Emphasis is placed on real world fighting ability as a way of practicing Kung Fu theory, application and training methods.